Fashion advice.

Each event until you appear before the public there is a long preparation with attention to detail in a very thorough way.

I have had the pleasure of receiving some styling tips of my dear friend Carla to know to take advantage of the full image to be transmitted in every important moment wherever I have to attend my professional events. Here you will find a photo shoot which was our meeting.

Styling with the soprano Silvia Vázquez

oct20ofCarla Cristina

La soprano Silvia Vaquez great artist and singer known for her voice, which has performed in the best possible scenarios such as Milan's Scala Theatre, Palau de les Arts in Valencia, Teatro Comunale of Florence, Grand Théâtre du Genève, Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa, Royal Opera

You have to take into account his voice and a healthy life but also its image and styling. I have had the pleasure of sharing, advising and collaborating with her outfits, enjoying its spacious wardrobe for events and special occasions. An excellent person that enhances still further the artist as demonstrated on stage, seeking continuous artistic and personal growth.

After reviewing all the costumes, shoes and some accessories we decided to give it shape and make the test as if it were an important event.

Makeup is something very important to be radiant but be careful with subtlety and makeup to look very natural, as well as when choosing the colors and how to apply.

A relaxing moment while we chose the second look.En this case also to event, but a little easier and consisting of a white blouse and a flowing chiffon skirt glass, the touch was accompany a striking complement a fantastic colored glass necklace and shoes that are a showcase of gold "Manolo Blahnik".

I hope you enjoyed this fashion blog and do not forget that the first impression is very important but then you have to keep holding it. Thanks to everyone s and look after you very much.